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Tinkerbell: Dress

This summer I’m working on my almost forgotten Tinkerbell cosplay. I started it back in late 2019 and it’s about time I finish her up! Since it’s been awhile since I’ve started her my initial progress photos are from a TikTok I made back then.

Left: Dress for pattern

Right: Rough paper Pattern draft

I’m really lazy when it comes to making things and if I can I will always try to find a way to worker smarter and not harder. I had this dress that I already liked the shape and i made a rough paper pattern of the dress so that I can sew up with an eyeballed seam allowance.

Left: Muslin draft

I then transferred my paper patter to muslin to make a mock up because I've earned my lesson one two many times when it comes to just cutting straight into my nice fabric. I sewed up this mock up to see if it would fit and if the leaf shapes on the bottom were to my liking.

Right: Dress pattern piece with final fabric

I used the altered muslin pieces to cut out my pieces for the final dress and sewed them all together.

Here is the dress all sewn up (left) and it has a zipper in the back so that I can get in and out of it. My original intentions were to wear the dress as is but now that time has passed I wanted to do something different and attempt to give her a leaf texture.

I at first attempted to create this texture with straight acrylic paints (top right) but didn't care for how it was coming and and headed for my airbrush machine. The compressor I bought from a cake decorating set that went on clearance from Michaels and the airbrush gun I got from amazon.

I used the initial lines as guidelines to creating the leaf pattern all around the dress but i started with the darkest colors and worked my way to light. I only had basic airbrush colors (linked above) to work with so I had to do some mixing of my own to get the right colors for what I wanted. I used airbrush thinner with the colors I used because they are meant for a gun with a bigger needle.

It was a constant switching from my darkest ad lightest shades to eventually get the dress to look how it does here. When airbrushing I looked at references of Princess Tiana's wedding dress to create the highlight and shading I was going for. I wanted something that was semi-realistic. I will eventually be adding a petticoat underneath to give me more of the classic Tinkerbell shape that I want. Other than that she's done!


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