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The Significance of Black Fae Day

If you haven’t heard by now through some social media platform, Black Fae Day is happening on May 8th. What is Black Fae Day? It’s a celebration of melanin in the most magical way possible. The idea came from JupiterJazz, or @maximilli_lo on Twitter. She called on all Black content creators to participate and the campaign is building momentum.

The excitement is palpable as cosplayers, makeup artists, crafters, and writers prepare their ideas. I personally tweeted about #BlackFaeDay and both tweets have done numbers outside my norm. This begs the question: why the excitement? The same as always, the lack of representation in fiction. Black people have rarely been considered when it comes to the mystical and magical. We’re not thought of as elves, witches, fairies, or mermaids. We have to create our own spaces and characters that look like us.

Black Fae Day is needed now as there seems to be an increase in trolls telling Black cosplayers that they can’t dress as certain characters because the character isn’t Black, especially when it comes to anime/manga characters. Any cosplayer of any color can be any character. Fair skin is not the only option and this day is a reminder of that. Black people deserve to be seen as nymphs and sorcerers. This is a day to show that not only can we be seen as mythical beings but we excel at it.

One thing Black people, especially Black creatives, are good at is creating room for ourselves where there wasn’t any before. I’m thrilled that this day was thought of and can’t wait to see everything people come up with. I hope you participate in some way. We need all the participants we can get if we want to try and change the narrative.


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