• Dominique Humes

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Black Power

Episode 5

Let me start off this review by stating that there will be spoilers about the fifth episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. If you have not seen it yet and care about spoilers LEAVE NOW. Stop reading, close your browser, and avoid the internet until you can. Without further ado let’s dive into some more Falcon-y goodness.

I didn’t review episodes 3 and 4 after they released. I know that I should have, but episode 3 was lame. Bucky helped Zemo get out of prison to find who was making the Super Soldier serum, Sharon makes a cameo, Zemo danced at a party, Karli killed some people and Wakanda comes back for Zemo. Episode 4 is Captain Rent-a-center having an existential crisis when the Dora Milaje whoop his ass. I mean they not only beat his ass, but they removed Bucky’s arm. Even Bucky didn’t know you could do that. He was looking at it on the ground like “Damn, I should have read the owner’s manual for this thing”. John Walker was rethinking his whole life because he felt he got beat by regular people. First off, we know these women are extraordinary. Nothing about them is regular because they are elite fighters. Even on his best day he stood no chance at all. He ends up drinking the contents of a super soldier serum vial, however it appears to make him unstable. During a fight with Karli she kills Battlestar which sends John over the edge. He finds one of her associates and kills him in the middle of the street while everyone is watching, thus leading us to episode 5.

In the wake of what the new Captain America has done Sam and Bucky physically take the shield from him and during this encounter Sam ends up having his wings broken beyond repair. Afterwards, the government decides to take John’s title from him on top of discharging him. He does not take this well because white privilege is not a fan of the word “no”. Sam takes the shield back to Isaiah to find out that he hates it. It makes sense because that shield represents all the pain he endured while locked up. Thirty years he will never get back and he tells Sam that no self-respecting Black man would want that shield either. The rest of the episode is Sam’s parent’s boat being fixed while he trains with Captain America’s shield. Bucky ended up calling in a favor from Wakanda that seems to be a new suit with wings for Sam. Also, if you watch the scene after some of the credits it does appear that we have a new villain on the rise.

This week’s episode was packed with a lot of different emotions. First let’s talk about Lemar (Battlestar) for a bit. His death fueled John’s anger to the point of seeking vengeance, but this angered me because they made him a glorified handler. Lemar was skilled in combat, poised, fought for his country, and they showed he could speak multiple languages. To take these talents and toss them out the window is upsetting to say the least. He died as a plot point to begin John’s descent into madness. That is what the life of this man has been turned into and it’s ridiculous. This brings me to my next topic of why we can’t have fun fiction. Why is it that Black media must have some of kind of death, oppression, manipulation, discrimination, racism, or realism? We live in this world and we know what it’s like, so damn why it is constantly shown to us? I am never against people seeing what we deal with, however we like fiction too. You’ve got an entire universe filled with gods, aliens, mutants, magic, science experiments gone wrong, etc. There is a man who can’t see but defends New York with his senses and somehow The Falcon’s biggest issue is America not accepting, or respecting, a Black man. At the same time John Walker kills a man publically and is not arrested. You can see similar stories every time you turn on the news.

I want Sam to fly around kicking ass and chasing bad guys. Showing these people that Captain America, the real Cap, retiring doesn’t mean it’s open season for villainy. Laughing in the face of these racist bastards who are stuck in the past. As the Falcon I want him to soar high above this ugly, hate-filled world to give us a temporary escape from it. I want all the superhero goodness that we were expecting yet haven’t been given. With only one episode remaining I can’t say that I’m excited to see the season finale. Will the Falcon continue to nosedive or will he pull up at the last moment? Find out next time on Drago-, I mean The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.