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The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer Armentrout- A Book Review

Well folks, here we are, book three of the Blood and Ash series. This has been a crazy ride and I've loved and hated it all in the same breath!! We FINALLY are almost at the end of the journey with Poppy and Cas and I'm more than excited to share this review with you!! Also I have a surprise for you by the end of this review that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!!

I read this series during a group read with my book group and man did we enjoy this. This book immediately starts off where the previous book left off. We have Poppy finally making it to Atlantia and meeting the King and Queen. Of course this was not going to be a regular meeting, when has any meeting in this book been regular? Almost immediately everything starts to go to hell in a handbasket. Poppy is confronted by an unknown group of people who disobey the King and Queen and try to kill her. The power that has been slumbering within her begins to awaken. Slowly but surely she begins to call all of the wolven to her. As her power begins to grow the people who want to kill her begin to strike out at those around her and slowly start taking down the wolven and eventually Cas. Of course Poppy believes that those around her are dead and in anger begins to use her power to take out everyone as her anger over takes her. Not to mention we find out that good ole Alistair isn't all that good. He manages to find a way to take out Poppy and kidnaps her from the Kingdom of Atlantia. When she wakes up he tells her his master plan. Which involves him handing her over to the Blood Crown. He also tells her that he belongs to a fraternity whose main goal is to protect Atlantia at all cost. Even if that cost is the life of a prince or even a King. Luckily Alistair finally tells Poppy that Cas isn't dead. She knows it's only a matter of time before her husband arrives to destroy Alistair...she just hopes it's in time.

I was so shocked that Alistair betrayed Cas and Poppy. He was the LAST person I thought would do this. His reasoning wasn't even good enough to warrant him giving Poppy over to the Blood Kingdom. There was soo much information to unpack in this book!!! After Poppy comes to the realization that she actually has the blood of gods in her everything goes from slow to speeding fast. Cas arrives and saves Poppy only for her to die at the hands of another traitor to Atlantia. Cas does the unimaginable and attempts to turn Poppy into an Ascended. When she wakes days later she jumps on Kieran in a bloodless. Cas manages to pull her off him and transfers her to himself. After awhile it evolves into ahem...more. Then they learn that Poppy has changed...into something else. She is not like a regular Ascended. She's immortal more than likely now and for all intents and purposes is the same...yet more.

Poppy and Cas return to Atlantia where she formally meets his parents. Things get a little hairy but they make it through and learn some hard truths. Thru decide to take a trip and see the gods to learn more. Upon meeting the gods they learn about Poppy's real parentage and she has become and who she really is. They return to Atlantia where she and Cas formally become King and Queen. Then they go to meet with Poppy's brother and the Queen of the Blood Kingdom. Where even more bombs are dropped. When I tell you my head was exploding I couldn't handle it. Not to mention at this point, we're getting fairly close to the end of the book and I'm wondering how everything is going to end.

Poppy learns that the Blood Queen is indeed her grandmother and that King Malik may not be dead. The Blood Queen is still in love with him as we learn she's actually the mistress who Malik left Cas's mother for. She's also not an Ascended...she believes herself a God. She fully intended for Poppy to bend the knee and give in to all her demands. When Poppy doesn't agree she shoots Ian, Poppy brother, and kills him. This makes Poppy go into a rage and she attacks the Queen. The Queen manages to subdue her by nearly killing her causing Cas to give himself up to save her. Btw did I mention we FINALLY meet Malek? He's hanging onto the Queen like he's her sauce of the day. This infuriates Cas who has been trying to save him all this time thinking the worst. The Queen also showcases her big dogs...The Revenants.

After all this Kieran and the rest of the crew that came with Poppy return to Atlantia where they confront the Queen of Atlantia on the damning info the Blood Queen has told them. Poppy essentially has gone cold blooded and is playing NO games with Cas's mother. She finally gets the truth and then heads to speak with King of the God's to try to get his guards on her side so she has something that can kill the Revenants. Once she has some honest to God dragons on her side she sends a letter to the Blood Queen requesting an audience with someone on her level at a specific place to discuss terms. AND BOYYYYYY did Poppy show the heck out!! The Blood Queen sends the Blood King and a Revenant to discuss what she believes is the terms of Poppy's surrender of the Atlantian Kingdom to the Blood Crown and whew does he get a surprise. Poppy chops off this man's head. Threatens to kill the Revenant permanently with the only thing that can...dragons. Then she essentially tells the Revenant to let the Blood Queen know that her life and everything that she loves, King Malik mainly, are at risk. If anything happens to Cas she's going to go full Blood thirsty and starting killing people in every city in the Blood Kingdom until she reaches the Queen and makes her death painful.

When I tell you my jaw DROPPED. Poppy went from plain badass to FULL ON no holds barred bad ass bitch ok. She was ready for the smoke!! I was right there with her because HOW dare you take my hubby!! Overall this book gets an 9 out of 10. I'd definitely re-read this series!! So the surprise is that there is ANOTHER book in this series!! I believe this will officially be the final book. It's not due to be published until next year ( throws a tantrum). There is also a prequel that will be out in October. I won't give you deets on who it's about since I skipped those details in this review. If you want to know then you should definitely go check out this book!! Get wrapped up in this amazing world that Jennifer has created for us because it's a fun ride!!

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