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Quick Fang Fit

Happy Thursday everyone! Or whatever day you happen top be reading/ watching this!

I made a tutorial for my favorite method of fitting fangs which is by using plastic pellets.

I like the various sizes and the overall shape of scarecrow fangs but I do not like the powder and missing liquid that comes with them. It doesn’t have the best smell or taste and I just prefer not to use them.

This brand also has different sizes of fangs you can get too which I love and have a couple. But to have some quick fangs that are easy to pop in and out you’ll need these two things that I’ve linked to the left.

The video above I quickly explain how I fit my fangs but I’ve left out some details that might have had you struggling if you’ve tried this method unsuccessfully before.

  • You’ll either need hot water or a heat gun to heat up the plastic beans in a bowl or cup until they are clear.

  • Once they clear you can pinch off some of the plastic and roll it to fit inside of the tooth with over hang. You’ll need just enough so that it can mold around your tooth but you’ll start to see it spilling out. (TIP: If the plastic starts to get too cool just drop back in the water or reheat with a heat gun!)

  • The spill out is important because it helps with the fit quite a bit! With the over hang you’ll want to shape this around the surrounding teeth to help the fang blend in and adhere. Without this extra support you’ll probably have a difficult time with the fang staying on.

I love using this method and the longest part is probably waiting for water to heat up. You can also use this method to create fangs of your own, like shark teeth (kirishima Teeth). But that method does take longer since you’ll have to create the shape yourself but it still works!


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