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One Piece Episode 960: The Number One Samurai in The Land of Wano! Here Comes Kazuki Oden!!

We begin this episode by seeing Orochi ordering the destruction of the Sunny and all bridges leading to Tokage Port. We also see the Akayuza at the rendezvous point and they are getting desperate since no has shown up. Kinemon tells everyone that his wife was killed after they left Kuri along with all the inhabitants if Okobore town. Momonosuke tries to stop everyone from leaving but fails as he gets held back by the kunoichi.

Next we start to get flashbacks to Oden and see how he grew up before he became the legend that he is. Essentially every man in the Flower Capital screamed "Hide your kids, hide your wives". Oden was larger than life from the time he was a child, starting fights in gambling halls til he became an adult, when he had a harem and started wars. The episode ends with us seeing a blonde Kinemon holding a small white boar while it's mother begins to tear through the flower capital to retrieve her baby.

I appreciate so much about the flashbacks in One Piece because it always gives you great back story. I hope this one does justice to Oden since he's a character we've heard so much about but have seen so little of since he's dead when we begin the Wano Arc. Already we see that he finds life in Wano restrictive and how much he wants to leave to see the world beyond. His abrasive ways still manage to endear him to the people as we see him eat on a friend's grave, much to the shock of the

man's family.

I'm looking forward to see more of Oden and what made him the greatest Shogun the people of Wano have ever seen. What are your thoughts on this episode?


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