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Mr. Sin by S.J. Tilly- Book Review

This book was definitely different from my usual read. Older heroine and an even older hero. Age gap novels are always controversial but luckily this one wasn't too bad. We meet our heroine, Sasha, in the place where everyone goes to let loose and do the things they usually wouldnt....Vegas!! After a great business venture for her company she goes out to enjoy herself. She ends up running into your typical douchebag who can't take a no from a beautiful woman and meets our hero, Vincent, who saves her. They enjoy some drinks and indulge in a fun one nighter. Neither one of them expecting to see the other again.

Of course that's not how things happened. This is a romance novel after all. Sasha was in Vegas closing a business deal for her bosses PR company to work with another large company as the owner goes public with his business. This book takes on a feel of inevitability as all the pieces line up for these two to end up together. Then of course the wrenches start getting thrown into things. Vincent being the boss of said company that Sasha is doing PR for, then we get the hidden child that Vincent has and lastly the psycho who has been trying to kidnap said hidden child for years now.

We see Vincent dealing with merging his life and accepting that not everything is under his control. We see Sasha dealing with being attracted to a man that could end her career. The dynamic between them is very interesting to see as they fight against their attraction. I appreciated all the little moments between our main characters and how they explored and hid their relationship from everyone else. It was different seeing the main man being the one with the child instead of the woman. Now, for the things that I didn't like about this book. At certain points things did seem like the author was just throwing things in to make them a problem. I believe that the whole end situation with the story was not needed. We understood why Vincent didn't want to bring his daughter into the open without there being a psycho involved. I feel like it just...wasn't necessary. It was used as a cementing tactic I guess for a relationship that was pretty much already a done deal. You can be the judge of that if you decide to read this book. This book is a one of two series. The next book follows Angelo who we meet in this book as Vincent's cousin. I may do a review of this particular book latet.

So in final, I believe that this would get a solid 6 out of 10. The story was good...not good enough to re-read but it was worth taking up the space in my kindle unlimited inventory. I would suggest this book for people who are into slight age gaps and strong women.


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