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Meet Ty aka Sunflower Senpai

If I were to introduce you to people what name do you go by?


What's a quote/motto you like to follow?

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

Are you a Cosplayer or Utility (Photographer, Graphic Artist, Foamsmith, 3D Designer, Seamstress, MUA, Hairstylist, Gamer, Cosplaying Sex Worker, etc) and for how long?

I’m a cosplayer and mua! I started cosplaying at 14 and took a break for a couple years. Decided I missed cosplaying and started back up with it early last year :)

Tell Us About You

I’m 21, nonbinary my pronouns are they/them. I love creating content, I’m a huge makeup enthusiast and love anime! I’m based in Dublin, Ireland and would love to start a wave of more black cosplayers here because there aren’t enough!

What are your fandoms/ favorite communities to be apart of?

Anime community, cosplay community, Marvel fandom

What future goals would you like to accomplish. Which ones have you accomplished so far?

I would like to increase my following on social media and create a fan base of people that love my work as much as I do! I’d like to better my makeup skills and delve more into illusionary makeup and apply it to cosplay! So far I’ve been inter grating more into the cosplay and makeup community a little and increasing my following by a small fraction! I’ve dabbled a little in illusionary makeup and the response was incredible so I can’t wait to do more!

Can people go to you for advice/questions


If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

The power to clone myself because then I could do more than one task at a time!

What are your social media platforms and do you have any affiliate links/ amazon wish list you would like to share?



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