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Meet TrisRex

If I were to introduce you to people what name do you go by?


What's a quote/motto you like to follow?

"It's cosPLAY but I ain't PLAYING!" and "Always Be Making"

Are you a Cosplayer or Utility (Photographer, Graphic Artist, Foamsmith, 3D Designer, Seamstress, MUA, Hairstylist, Gamer, Cosplaying Sex Worker, etc) and for how long?

Cosplay SFX Artist

Tell Us About You

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Tristian was inspired by sci-fi movies, comics, and action figures. He’s most known for his dark and dramatic take on well known DC characters paired with relatable themes. He describes his work as “wearable action figures built to respect the past, acknowledge the present, and embrace the future”. While continuing his exploration on the marriage of practical SFX and Cosplay, he uses his platform to share techniques and inspire the creative community. Outside of the cosplay world, Tristian is a Project Manager that enjoys figure collecting, cycling, powerlifting, and spending quality time with his wife and reptilian children.

What are your Fandoms?

All things DC Comics, Resident Evil, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars. I also love old horror and science fiction films that use practical FX.

Brag about your accomplishments?

My first cosplay competition was the 2020 C2E2 Crown Championship of Cosplay. I was also featured on DC Direct's Instagram for my DC Prime Batman build. I'm one of the few cosplayers to be interviewed by Cinema Makeup School due to my old school monster suite style.

How did you come up with the idea to do these characters?

My goal was to make a team of unlikely heroes (2020) and villains (2021). Each of them has a greater purpose and pose a great threat to their counterpart. I like to give each character a relatable theme and backstory to respect their past, acknowledge their present, and embrace their future to tell a new story. This is my version of a dark DC universe.

(ie The Green = Identity, King Trench = The Unknown, The Hellbat = By any means, The Amazon = Arrival, Man-Bat = Evolution by Mutation)

How do you pick which ones to do?

I usually aim for obscure characters that don’t get much attention to bring them into the spotlight. Or if there’s a more popular character like Batman, I’ll choose a more epic version and redesign it to fit my story. I also love bringing a sense of humanity to creatures!

What is the thought process you go through when designing and using certain materials?

I start with the story and theme I’d like to use first, that dictates 100% of how my characters will look. Who are they? Why do they wear armor? Where is it from? Where is this character from? Each character has a story written into their design which I take great pride in. Give it life, make it talk!

Which has been your favorite so far?

It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite because they all are a reflection of me. The Green has my favorite concept, King Trench is my favorite to wear, The Hellbat is my favorite overall, The Amazon is my favorite paint job, and Man-Bat is my new favorite due to his size. I love all my kids lol.

Which has been the longest and most expensive to complete?

The Hellbat was the most expensive due to the acrylic process. The chest plate took 4 prototypes to perfect and acrylic IS NOT CHEAP. I learned a lot with that project and pushed myself technically as well with the glowing lights. I keep a tight and manageable budget for myself, the thing that’s most expensive for me is TIME.

Do you take on commissions?


Can people go to you for advice/questions


If you got to choose your superpower for December 21st (The Great Negro Solstice) what would it have been? Why?

Teleportation hands down! Save so much time and visit all my friends and family everyday in other states.

Man-Bat Feature

What are your social media platforms?








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