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Meet Nova

If I were to introduce you to people what name do you go by?


What's a quote/motto you like to follow?

The only validation that matters is from yourself.

Are you a Cosplayer or Utility (Photographer, Graphic Artist, Foamsmith, 3D Designer, Seamstress, MUA, Hairstylist, Gamer, Cosplaying Sex Worker, etc) and for how long?

Cosplayer, sex worker, casual foamsmith, gamer for the past 5 years. Cosplaying pole dancer for the past few months

Tell Us About You

I'm honestly a goofy dork that can make almost anything look sexy

What are your Fandoms?

Spiderman, Star Wars, Monster Hunter, One Piece

Brag about your accomplishments?

Building the confidence to do the cosplays and projects that I thought I would never be good enough to do and starting a The Otaku Lounge

Do you take on commissions?


Can people go to you for advice/questions?


What are your social media platforms?


Pole Work



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