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Meet Chaotic Good Boi

If I were to introduce you to people what name do you go by?

Chaotic Good Boi

What's a quote/motto you like to follow?

"I live So I Love" -RM

"Only those who try will become" -Kimahri Ronso

"No B*tch Niggas, No Snitch Niggas" -ETIKA

Are you a Cosplayer or Utility (Photographer, Graphic Artist, Foamsmith, 3D Designer, Seamstress, MUA, Hairstylist, Gamer, Cosplaying Sex Worker, etc) and for how long?

Cosplayer, Photographer, Photo Editor, Gamer, Dancer. I cant remember exactly how long I've been cosplaying for but I've been at it for a good amount of years now.

Tell Us About You

Well rounded geek stats with my hand in a wide variety of nerd cookie jars from cosplaying to gaming to anime to movies etc. My style of cosplay is Curly Cosplay, focusing on incorporating my natural black features like my curly hair, face, or flare for create black renditions of the characters I'm portraying. I also do photo editing to create special effects and cosplay pieces showing characters powers or settings for immersion. I'm also a dancer and plan on fusing my dance with my cosplay in some way in the future, perhaps cosplay dance videos. 🤔

Also I'm a JOYCON BOY forever 💙♥️

What are your Fandoms?

Naturally the things I'm a fan of are too many to remember off top but a couple notable things I'm a fan of includes:

Demon Slayer, AoT, Jojo's, Sonic, Final Fantasy, KH, The Originals, HxH, MHA and a bunch more.


Brag about your accomplishments?

I probably take the most pride in my strides in combining my photography, cosplay and photo editing to create the most interesting photos I can come up with, can continuing to get better.

I've won 2nd place in a cosplay performance at a convention with in cosplay dancing.

I created a photo editor of myself as a STAND with 14 arms for nergo soltice. It took literally all day without breaks. to finish. 😭

Do you take on commissions?


Can people go to you for advice/questions


If you got to choose your superpower for December 21st (The Great Negro Solstice) what would it have been? Why?

I got a STAND named BIG 14. It has 14 arms and which allows it to use 14 powers/abilities from other people at a time. This stand ability is called REPARATIONS. Which also answers why. 😂 I actually created a picture for it as I mentioned. Will include with photos. 💪🏾

What are your social media platforms?





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