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Kiznaiver: Once more with feeling!!

Kiznaiver is a 2016 anime series produced by the world renowned Studio Trigger (best known for series

such as Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia, and Darling in the Franxx) and Broadcasted exclusively by

Crunchyroll. I originally heard about this series a few years ago when I saw a teaser clip for the series

and I was very interested in the concept but it took me a few more years to find out the actual name of

the series (shout out to loot crate for giving me a mousepad with the show on it lol). I finally had some

time recently to sit down and watch the entire series which is very short compared to most modern

series with only 12 episodes. To give a brief synopsis of the show 7 High school classmates are forced to

participate in an experiment which is funded by the city and even political groups and countries around

the world in order to help in the lofty goal of world peace. The experiment links the feelings of the

classmates starting with their pain. To simplify basically if one of then gets hurt everyone feels it. This

eventually spreads to them even sharing their feelings of fear and even sadness. The goal is for each of

them to connect and hopefully through this connection they can begin to understand and sympathize

with the others feelings and emotions. Eventually as the group becomes closer romantic feeling develop

between members of the group which causes conflict of course. The interesting part was learning that

the 7 were not the first group to have this experiment tested out on them and seeing how the rest

unfolds is an exciting thrill ride. As for my personal thoughts I did enjoy watching the series especially as

I got to the last couple episodes. It had me hooked to see what would happen next although I will say

that the way the series ended did disappoint me. I did find a lot of the animation to be very beautiful.

Studio Trigger productions have always been very recognizable to me due to their use of very bright and

vibrant colors and it suited this series very well. The Characters were all enjoyable and hilarious although

I did have my favorites (Nico Is best girl!!). As a final recommendation I would say it is worth checking

out if you aren’t already engaged with a series. The series is definitely good but it wouldn’t be

something I would drop everything I’m doing to watch it.

If you have any recommendation on what you would like me to review next feel free to let me know in

the comments below and I’ll see you guys in my next review.


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