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Josei Anime Recommendation

Updated: Mar 25

Looking for another genre of anime to get into? Try out some Josei anime. Here your friendly anime junkie has a few for you to choose from. What is Josei anime anyways? Josei anime is translated into English as "woman". It is a demographic aimed towards women from late teens through adulthood. These titles are usually more mature and focus on realistic situations like work-life or romance. So if this is your cup of tea follow this blog post to add some awesome new anime to your watch list.

#1 Only Yesterday

Alt title: Omohid Poro Poro


This anime movie is 1hr 59mins long. It was created by Studio Ghibli in the year 1991. It is ranked number 1,577 on Anime-Planet with a 3.95 out of 5-star rating and number 1,650 on MyAnimeList with a 7.47 out of 10-star rating.


Taeko Okajima lives a nondescript life in Tokyo performing office duties in the day and then coming home in the evening to listen to her mother’s remarks on the phone about her unmarried status. In a bid to escape the monotony, Taeko decides to visit the countryside she once loved as a child and spend time on a safflower farm run by relations of her. But her journey awakens memories she thought she had long abandoned, and Taeko must once again decide the kind of person she truly wants to be.

Authors Thoughts:

I found this anime to be really refreshing. If you are into the slice of life anime with a bit of drama then you will find this enjoyable. It is especially nice to look back on all the old machinery that was so well animated in this movie and feel a sense of nostalgia. The background scenes were especially beautiful. I recommend you guys give this show ago.

Other Tags and Genres:

Other tags and genres associated with this show are drama, slice of life, countryside, and based on a manga.

You can find this anime on YouTube Movies.

#2 07-Ghost


07-Ghost has 25 episodes. It was created by Studio Deen. It is based on a manga that was writing by Yuki Amemiya and drawn by Yukino Ichihara. The manga was published by Comic Zero-Sun. The anime was released in 2009 Spring. It is ranked number 2,657 on Anime-Planet with a 3.6 out of 5-star rating and number 2,581 on MyAnimeList with a 7.24 out of 10-star rating.


Teito Klein is a former slave who attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy. Having no memory of his past and the power to wield a rare ability called Zaiphon, Teito is constantly under the scrutiny of his peers - except for his best friend Mikage, the only person he connects with. After seeing and remembering the man who killed his father, Teito tries to kill him and finds himself on the run from Barsburg's military might. Now, with the evil beings are known as Kor after his soul, the Barsburg Empire after his blood, and only the legendary Seven Ghosts to protect him, Teito must unlock the memories of his past before he ends up as a sacrifice for Verloren, the sealed God of Death.

Authors Thoughts

I watched this anime years ago. It was one of the first I watched outside of Toonami. I would have to rewatch the show to give a proper thought process on it. But a while ago I did do some fan art of it on my YouTube channel. I gave a quick review of it there. But what I remember of it, it was an action pack with supernatural beings helping the MC to fight. Or were they fighting against the main character? Anywho give it go. It's a very interesting anime and a plot that I think you will enjoy.

Other tags and genres:

Other tags and genres associated with this anime series are action, drama, fantasy, amnesia, magic, military, supernatural, and based on manga.

You can watch this series on Crunchyroll.

#3 7Seeds


7 Seeds is a 12 episode anime with two seasons. It was created by GONZO and released spring of 2019. It is based on a manga that has 35 Volumes with 178 Chapters. The author and artist of this manga are Yumi Tamura. For the anime, it is currently ranked number 4,408 on Anime-Planet with a star rating of 3.2 out of 5 and number 5,547 on MyAnimeList with a star rating of 6.56 out of 10.


Natsu, Arashi, and a few dozen others had gone to bed like any other night when they woke up... somewhere else. In this new post-apocalyptic future, mutated plants and animals lie in every direction and mankind is long extinct. Scientists of the past predicted that a meteorite would strike Earth and render the planet uninhabitable, so they devised a plan: they would cryogenically freeze five teams of young adults and have them revived by a computer when life is again sustainable. Seven people formed each team along with a guide specially trained to survive in the wild, and seven caches of supplies were left to be found. Together, the teams must try to survive in a new and hostile world, inadvertently finding the other survivors and clues to their circumstances along the way.

Authors Thought:

Okay, I remember reading this manga a long time ago. I believe I stopped around chapter 53 and it was very interesting. I'll try and pick up the anime one day to give a proper review of it. Until then you guys go and check it out. If it's anything like the manga you would definitely love it.

Other tags and genres:

Other tags and genres associated with this anime series are actions, adventure, drama, horror, mystery, sci-fi, person in a strange world, post-apocalyptic, psychological, survival, and based on a manga.

You can watch this anime on Netflix.

#4 Amatsuki


Amatsuki is a 13 episode anime created by Studio Deen. It was released spring of 2008. It is currently rank number 3,903 on Anime-Planet with a 3.4 out of 5-star rating and number 3,917 on MyAnimeList with a 6.92 out of 10-star rating. It is based on a manga with the same name as 156 chapters. It was published by Comic Zero-Sum and written and drawn by Shinobu Takayama.


When Tokidoki Rikugou donned a pair of virtual reality glasses and entered a Bakumatsu-era exhibit at a museum, he had no idea that his life would drastically change. While walking across a bridge in the fabricated reality, Tokidoki ran across a small being and a monster called a nue - and he was promptly attacked. His eye was damaged, but more importantly, Tokidoki discovered that he was now stuck inside the "virtual reality" filled with samurai and spirits. Now, with the help of Kuchiha, a warrior woman possessed by a dog spirit; and Shinonome, a fellow student who has been stuck, just like Tokidoki, for the past two years, Tokidoki must search for the truth behind the nue and try to find a way home.

Authors Thought:

Iven never heard of the manga nor the anime of this show a day in my life. But the description sounds pretty great so why not give it a watch.

Other tags and genres:

Other tag and genres related to this show are actions, fantasy, feudal japan, person in a strange world, samurai, virtual reality, and based on a manga.

You can watch this anime on 9 anime.

#5 Bunny Drop

Alt title: Usagi Drop


Bunny Drop is an 11 episode anime created by Production I.G. It was released summer of 2011. It is currently ranked number 79 on Anime-Planet with a 4.52 out of 5-star rating and number 142 on MyAnimeList with an 8.42 out of 10-star rating. It is based on the manga Bunny Drop that has 56 chapters. It was published by Feel Young. The author and artist of the manga are Yumi Unita.


When Daikichi's grandfather dies he leaves behind a young daughter named Rin. However, as most of the family is embarrassed at the idea of a 79-year-old man having a six-year-old child, they can't seem to figure out what to do with her. Disgusted by this behavior, Daikichi decides to take care of her himself, but he's a bachelor, has no idea how to raise a child, and isn't even all that comfortable with kids! Now, Daikichi must do the normal things a parent does such as enroll her in school, buy her clothing and teach her about the life and world around her. But more importantly, he must also help her deal with her father's death and decide whether or not she should try to find her mother. Together, the two begin their unlikely relationship as father and daughter, navigating each of life's bumps along the way.

Authors Thought:

I was told so many times to read the manga to this. It sounds so sweet and so innocent and wholesome. It has been on my want to watch list for so so so long. I am pretty sure that this anime will be a heart thumper.

You can watch this anime on:

Other tags and genre:

Other tags and genres associated with this anime are drama, a slice of life, childcare, family life, Iyashikei, lifestyle change, noitaminA, single parent, and Based on a Manga.

You can watch this anime on Amazon Prime.

#6 Devils and Realist

Alt title: Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist


This anime has 12 episodes and was created by Doga Kobo. It was released summer of 2013. It is currently ranked number 3,707 on Anime-Planet with a star rating of 3.4 out of 5 and number 3,467 on MyAnimeList with a 7.05 out of 10-star rating. It is based on a manga under the same title that has 95 chapters. It was published by Comic Zero-Sum and writing by Madoka Takadono and drawn by Utako Yukihiro.


William Twining lives a charmed and privileged life. As a rich nobleman from a prestigious house, he trusts his superior intellect and strictly-scientific mind will help him sail through school with ease - but what he didn’t anticipate was returning home to discover his family went broke and moved out, leaving him penniless! Desperate to find something left of value, he finds a secret room in the basement, accidentally summoning Dantalion, Grand Duke of the 36 Armies of Hell in the process! All William wants is to be left alone to his studies, but he’s now tasked with deciding who the next ruler of Hell will be, much to his annoyance. With Dantalion and other demons eager to influence his choice by whatever means necessary, what’s a nobleman to do?

Authors Thought:

To be honest guys, I have this anime on my Won't Watch list because I am a bit picky about what I watch. But sometimes I do come back to the anime that I say I won't watch and watch a few episodes of it to see if my thoughts about it were correct. Eighty-five percent of the time my feelings are right. But this show maybe a gem for you guy! So try it out and see if you like it. Different strokes for different folk right?

Other tags and genres:

Other tags and genres associated with this anime are comedy, fantasy, demons, nobility, school life, supernatural, and based on manga.

You can watch this show on Crunchyroll.

This blog was written by Keria Anime Junkie.


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