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Dragons, Unicorns and Gryphons oh my!! A review by Queen Reviews!!

I have a treat for everyone today!! Today we are reviewing Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison!! This was a surprise book for me. I went ahead and downloaded it just because it had dragons in it and I love dragon shifters!! So at first I wasn't looking for much. I thought it would at least get me through the week or til my next read dropped. Man did this book surprise me!! It was so good!! I loved it!! It was one of those ones I couldn't put down!! This was a first time I was reading something from this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! So let's get into some of the juicy bits.

We meet our heroine Pia right off jump. She's stealing something from someone she knows she shouldn't. In this world shifters are known to humans and there are so pretty old big dogs out there. The person she's stealing from being one of them. So essentially she's being black mailed into doing this by her ex who is a con man. He's a terrible gambler who ends up in over his head and is using her to help him get out of debt. We'll once she accomplishes this seemingly impossible mission she returns to the ex but BUT our heroine isn't stupid. She doesn't want the blackmail to continue so she essentially uses some magic to get him to shut up about her secrets!! She gives him what she stole and dips out!! She's on the run because the big dog she stole from, is already after her. Intro our hero, Dragos, I'll let you guess what he turns into :-D. Dragos is the big bad that Pia stole from. He's pretty much a primordial and rules over all the shifters in this world. Typical man who gets what he wants and has seen and done it all. That is until he runs into little miss Pia. Through some simple investigating, he is able to know that Pia is the one who stole from him and begins the hunt as only a big bad predator like him can.

He hunts down our dear Pia and finds her. They both end up with stars in their eyes when they finally meet but run into a little snag. Well Pia ran into another supernaturals territory. She was hoping that that would be a deterent for Dragos. But our guy is nothing if not a dominant creature because he doesn't care. Pulls up on our girl and has plans to take her back for….punishment *cough*. She ran to elf territory and ends up asking them for help while trying to hold Dragos off. They come and manage to stun Dragos with magic arrows. Now here is where it gets interesting. Pia is a half breed shifter but she doesn't know what she is. She just knows that her mom died from sadness and was a full blooded shifter who never shifted while in front of her. Her mother always told her to hide and to not let herself be found. Fast forward to now and when Pia runs into the elves of the territory she ran to, they recognize her and know what she is. Because she's in front of Dragos though, they don't tell her, only tell her she is welcome in their kingdom and would have their protection should she need it. Well attraction and such being what it is she leaves with Drago for her ….ahem punishment. A whole fiasco ensues after this, I'll let you read it to find out, but they end up doing the naked tango under the stars of a magic infused other worldly dimension. After returning from said dimension they are stuck in the "I don't know what we are" phase of the relationship. Until he is forced to save her from a long time enemy of his. Then, they finally decide to try and figure out what she is. Him being a mighty primordial that he is, he has power to assist her with shifting. So they head back to the magic infused dimension and BOOM. We finally find out our girl is *hint* it's in my title *hint*.

We meet some of Dragos's long time friends and subordinates through the story and hence a series is born. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more. Hopefully I've spiked your interest enough to make you also want to go read this book!! I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5!!

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