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Dr.Stone Season 2: Episode 3 Call from the Dead

In this episode of Dr. Stone we get to see Taiju and Yuzihara again after them being missing since pretty much the beginning of season 1. The mini reunion of these two was probably the most emotions we've seen from Senku in the entire show to this point. Not even when he learned of his dad did we get this kind of reaction from Senku. After they reunite we see that Gen and the others who brought the phone there for Taiju hasn't returned yet to the village of science. They're stuck by the archer with excellent hearing in an area that puts them at a disadvantage. Luckily Chrome comes up with a diversion that allows Gen to escape. We don't see what happens to them as the archer let's loose an arrow through the smoke. Senku tells Taiju that they have a plan to try to help them win the war against Tsukasa. Taiju agrees to Senku's plan after he gets him to promise no one would be hurt. Taiju and Yuzihara get the attention of the guard who has been assigned to watch them and brings her over to the phone. Gen has disguised his voice as Lillian Weinberg in order to convince any humans from the modern age to leave Tsubasa. Instead the guard Nikki is a super fan of Lillian. She asks Gen and Senku a series of questions to determine the validity of their claim. They fail miserably but are able to win her to their side by playing the recording that Lillian left of her singing one of her famous songs. After letting go of their fake Lillian voice she talks directly to Senku and decides to help him win over others to the side of science.

To counteract the fact that Senku is a science wiz who doesn't seem to run into many issues in the Stone World they continue to throw little unfortunate situations at him. Running into a super fan of Lillian's could have gone really bad but luckily it did end up working out in their favor even if it wasn't in the way that they'd planned. I'm really curious to see what happened to Magma and Chrome. Hopefully Chrome is the one who got hit with the arrow and it's just a flesh wound. Someone of his size and power would be better equipped to handle that kind of thing. I think Chrome would have to be carried. Though with Chrome using the extra battery to cause the distraction this means that Senku and crew are going to have to find a way to get another one to them. Since they took out Homura though it shouldn't be too bad….

I'm hoping they are also able to turn her to their side. Though she does seem to be someone who is firmly entrenched on the side of Tsukasa. I find it interesting that all of the pre-petrification people have managed to adjust so well to being in the stone world. I think if something like this happened to me I would be firmly on the side of science simply because of the conveniences we could get back. Plus science is cool as heck!! I'm looking forward to next week's episode!! What do you guys think about this week's episode?


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