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Devilish Mate- by Elizabeth Briggs Review!!

This book is a continuation in the Claimed by Lucifer series and it picks up where it left of with Hannah being killed by Lucifer. We begin with Hannah awakening and realizing that she was killed by her mate. Of course he has his reason since he wanted to finally break the curse that they were under. Poor Hannah is about to go through a lot in just this one book. She goes from waking up from being murdered by the man she loves to finding out she's an angel, to getting back her lost memories from all of her previous lives to remembering she has kids!! This boom puts the main character through the emotional ringer and we're just here for the ride. Not once did she really have a chance to take a minute and catch her breath!! She has to immediately put on her big girl pants and help Lucifer to find out who is trying to over throw him as well as find out where Adam/Gadreel has disappeared too. Since now she can actually die a true death the whole finding Adam thing takes priority.

Unfortunately for her he is always one step ahead and decides that he wants to find a way to kill Lucifer and get her back since the curse is also broken for him as well. He enlist the help of all the angry and disgruntled Archdemons as well as Lucifer and Hannah's jaded first born son. They begin to awaken the only forces greater than Lucifer. The primal beings known as the Four Horsemen. Now Hannah has to fight her son who she just remember about as well try to save the world.

Things take a turn for the worse as Adam and his gang of angry men are able to awaken Pestilence. The vengeful spirit needs a vessel and inhabits Adam's body. Next to awaken is War. Adam goes to Heaven to awaken War while Hannah and Lucifer get their loyal allies together, which includes angels and demons, to attack Adam just as he is opening the prison that had War. Just like Pestilence though he needs a vessel. Out of love of his wife and son Lucifer sacrifices himself, hoping he's strong enough to contain War, and becomes his vessel. Unfortunately nothing can contain this angry primal and he begins to turn the allies against each other. Hannah has to make the hard decision to leave Lucifer locked in Heaven while everyone else escapes back to earth.

The book ends with her son, Belial, leaving in disbelief that his father knowingly sacrificed himself to save him despite him helping the enemy try to overthrow him. Hannah has to find a way to not only save her mate but to also keep Adam from awakening Famine and Death, while also becoming the reigning Queen of hell.

This book took me awhile to finish. The premise of it is great but I'm not connecting to the story. Maybe it was all the traumatic events that happened to Hannah back to back. Maybe it's the insta family, I'm not really sure. I'm probably still going to move onto the book in this series simply because I'm invested in the story. I wanna see how they are able to save the world and reconcile the family that has been savaged by the machinations of Adam, a man scorned. Would you like to join our book group to discuss more books like this one? Maybe you're an author who wants to get your book out to some avid readers? Join the NWM book group!! Click this link for more!!

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