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Creating volume in wigs

I’m taking a break from working on the Tinkerbell cosplay and this tutorial will be about how to add volume to any wig. This trick is great if you just it for simple straight styles but it can also be applied to creating volume for spikes in wigs as well.

I think some of the most popular stylized wigs that involve heavy styling and adding volume are Princess Peach or Junko enoshima.

My favorite way of adding this volume is by using a good old crimping iron.

Crimping has been my favorite method because I find it to be the least hassle in adding volume to a wig. I don’t have many pictures of this wig before but the one to the left is the wig out of the box with little restyling. On the right it is heavily crimped. So much so that I had started to straighten the wig back out (the left side of it). All the of this was done without adding any extra wefts!

To get the most out of your crimping, I’d set it to a setting that is safe for your wig, you can always patch test inn the back to make sure it’s not too hot, and work in smaller sections. Sectioning your wig is a must! It helps the process go a lot smoother.

This is my favorite method because I don’t really need to add extra wefts, unless wanted. Another tip for doing this is if you don’t want to have the crimping be prominent (I like the texture it gives) you’ll want to section vertically and do quick passes.

Another method to adding volume is the most time consuming with longer wigs, backcombing. This method works really well for short wigs when your crimping iron may be to bulky for you to grab the hair. If you’re doing this method on longer wigs, be warned that the combing out part will probably be your least favorite.

But dont fear for it can be done! Theres a few different ways you can do it, I’d advise with going with the method that works best for you. The first one is heating up the hair with a flat iron, backcombing and letting the hair cool. Once it does that, then you can brush it out. You can repeat the process a couple of times to get the fullness you want.

I prefer to take a teasing brush, not comb a brush, and backcomb the hair, spray with got2b hairspray and then set with a blow dryer, cool and brush outt. This method just works for me because I don’t like going back and forth with a flat iron, especialy with longer wigs, you’ll have to work down the section heating the hair, backcombing, etc. until you’re done.

The backcombing method takes patience but the end results can look great! This is all up to your prefernce on how you want your wigs to look. In the end it’s what you want and are happy with that is what matters and there isn’t exact set rules on how many times you should do this. Or how much volume you want in your wigs because they are just that; yours.


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