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Chaos in Zenternia

It was getting really late. Zenternia's sun was starting to wane, which meant the street lamps would be on soon. I gave a quick look around, the smaller shops were all closing up for the day and every one who didnt need to be out was already retreating to their homes. I was leaving the safety of the Capital's city and heading to it's slums where I had been living with my mother in a cube for the past year and a half. Cubes were very small homes, that were stacked on top of each other to make up for the over crowding.

Ma was going to kill me, I should have been home an hour ago, but I had gotten detention for being out of uniform. I had stained my school shirt, but we didn't have money for a new one, or to have the stain removed. So I had worn a dress shirt instead, and for that I had to stay behind to be reprimanded. I had the highest grades in the school, but not having the schools logo on my shirt made me a delinquent. They could wipe their asses with their uniform for all I cared.

A noise nearby startled me out of my angry thoughts, causing me to walk faster. It was too dangerous for a young girl to be out late alone. From what I was told the slums had been worst before Regis had taken the throne. Eisen, the King before Regis, had not cared about the people in the slums at all. He and his council would not send patrols out during the evening hours, only during sunlight hours. They claimed they couldn't afford any more than that. But really why waste a soldier on the slums when they could barely afford to pay their taxes. Even with Regis on the throne, the slums were still the slums and the streets were no place to be at night. There was a curfew, and anyone who stayed out past that curfew was on their own. A few more blocks before I got to our cube. It was times like this when I missed dad. Before he died, we lived in a better part of the city in an actual house. We weren't wealthy by any means, but we were happy, and could afford basic luxuries. Like a vehicle, so I didnt have to walk home from school. Ma was doing everything she could, but with Dad gone her salary wasnt enough alone. She was barely making enough to pay for my schooling. I was a year shy from being able to work or I would be helping her.

I was close to home, in viewing distance when I started to feel a weird sensation. I stopped and looked around. No one of concern was out yet and no one was watching me. I took another step and the feeling intensified. I felt like I was being compressed. I had never felt anything like this before. I could barely stand, I caved and dropped down to my knees. Fighting the force of whatever this was I forced myself to look around. The few other people brave enough to still be out seemed to be having the same reaction. Just what the hell was this? It felt like gravity had been amplified, I needed to get to Ma, make sure she was ok. I tried my hardest to move, but everything from breathing to standing was a struggle. I started to panic, and felt myself beginning to hyperventilate. I had barely made it a foot when I looked up at my cube, and saw something from a nightmare.

Above my cube, there seemed to be a small void. Wait, not so small as it was growing every second that I stared at it. What the hell... it looked like a black hole was forming. I began to panic more, that had to be the source. I staggered to my feet and tried to rush to my cube, I had to get to Ma! I got a few more steps when I saw something that would be etched into my brain forever. Out of the black hole a foot began to form, the foot began to get bigger, and then I could see a calf and soon the majority of a leg... a leg that was lowering. Lowering itself onto my cube and all of the ones attached to hit. I began screaming, or what could be called a scream with all this pressure compressing on my lungs. Ma... My panicking stopped, I could no longer move or even breathe.. What the hell just happened? What was I actually looking at? One moment my cube was there, then next it was rubble underneath this giant foot. Ma... there was no way she survived that. And I had no hope in me that she was still at work. Ma was always home before me, no matter what. I stopped struggling and let myself sink fully to the ground. Everything I had was under that foot. I looked up at it, the rest of the body was forming.. it was wearing armor. My eyes widened in shock, I recognized that armor. I had seen it on our screens a million times before. That was Chaotrian armor, Hellion class at that. Hellions were rogue Chaotrians who measured up to 30 meters tall.

This was it. They were invading. I looked around and despair filled every part of me, there were dozens of holes popping up all around. More cubes were being destroyed, and I could hear screams everywhere. I felt tears streaming down my face. How the hell did everything turn upside down like this? I closed my eyes, I didnt want to die. Not like this. Suddenly I was being lifted, I screamed and tried to fight. I was barely making a struggle with the pressure still enabling me from moving properly, but like hell would I let them take me. "Easy kid, I got ya. I'm going to get you out of here." I stopped fighting and looked at my handler. He was handsome. The armband with the royal insignia let me know that he was part of the Zenternian royal guard. But what was he doing all the way out here "Name's Leon." He said as he began carrying me away. "We got the attack signal a few minutes ago, but we didnt know where they would start, we assumed they would aim for the royals. I'm sorry we got here too late. But we will do everything in our power to end them." He had to be powerful to be able to walk under all this pressure. I looked around me. It was chaos every where. Some soldiers were running around trying to save civilians, others were fending off the hellions. So much destruction in the blink of an eye. My heart was heavy with loss, I could barely process all that was happening. He placed me on a rescue ship where other civilians were being loaded. They were actually pulling out the stops for us, they were actually trying to save us. I would have thought only the wealthy would have been saved. I looked up at Admiral Ravenius, his aura was radiating from him, it was sort of nullifying the affects the black holes had on me. "Why are they here now? Why now!?" I cried as my hysteria began to build again.

I thought of all of the moments that I would never have with my mother again, I gripped his arm, tears streaming down my face and whispered "Make them pay for this.." He gave me a sad smile and saluted me with two fingers, which was a very slum gesture to do. I watched him as he ran towards my cube and to the Hellion who had crushed it. He held one hand in the air, lightning crackling from it. And somehow I knew, that he would not lose this fight.


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