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Black Anime Characters

Updated: Mar 25

Hear ye, hear ye, all you Anime nerds & geeks out there. For this blog, I will be sharing my personal Black Anime Characters Collection. These are black anime characters whether minor or major I have seen in anime I've watched. Note, I determine black anime characters as unmistakenly black. I will more than likely bypass any ambiguous anime type of characters because...that's just me. Anywho, here is my collection thus far.

Keria Anime Junkie: Black Anime Character Collection

Delilah from Let's Play

Dex from Cannon Busters

Noloty from Armed Librianians: Book of Bantorra

Random Kids in Blue Gender

Vector from Battle Angel Alita

Random black people in the crowd of Battle Arena Toshiden

Kassapa from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Random reporter lady from Gunsmith Cats

Marshall Law fan girl from Let's Play

Little random soldier kid from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-blooded Orphans

A random cop from Gunsmith Cats

A bad guy from Gunsmith Cats

"Mercenary" from Full Metal Panic

High Officer in Full metal Panic Second Season

Random Solider in Full Metal Panic Second season

Forgot this guy name but a soldier in Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory

Forgot his name. A soldier from Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory.

Random Reporter lady Full Metal Panic

Caring Cop from Burst Angels

A random soldier from Blue Gender.

Arano Gun from B-Daman Crossfire

Forgot his name but he's from Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra

A random character from this Indonesian anime I watched called Battle of Subaraya

Third Raikage From Naruto

Prince Salva Tibesti from Dimension W

Omoi from Naruto

Second Raikage from Naruto

Miyuki from Basquashi

Lashiti from Dimension W

Mabui from Naruto

Killer Bee from Naruto

Karui from Naruto

Jay from Naruto

Galahad from Gangsta

Ay fourth Raikage from Naruto

Prince Iwai Tibesti from Dimension W

Derick from Double Decker Dough & Kiril

First Raikage

KK from Dimension W

ChoCho from Naruto/Boruto

Naked buff black lady from Crying Freeman

Darui from Naruto

Tosen from Bleach

Syrena from Cannon Buster

Odin from Cannon Buster

Mumbles from Cannon Buster

Sam from Cannon Buster

Old sex worker from Cannon Buster

Momma Hitch from Cannon Buster

Lorelei from Cannon Busters

JT from Cannon Busters

Prince Kelby from Cannon Busters

Day? From Cannon Busters

Chacoly Cocotte from Armed Librarians: Book of Batorra

Black Claw from Cannon Busters

Bob Bob from Cannon Busters

Bulgher from Cannon Busters

I'll continue to add to this collection once I run into more random minor or major black anime characters when I watch. Note: I need to re-watch Gangsta there were a lot more black characters in that show that I originally had in my first collection. Unfortunately, I lost my whole dang file when my PC died on me. It pays to keep cloud services to store files guys!!!



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