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Anime Review: Chronos Ruler

Chronos Ruler

I constantly talk about my two anime list that I have for anime. My “Dub List” for when I’m off stream working while watching and my “Sub List” for when I have some leisure time to relax and watch. Also, some of you may know I’ve been slacking on watching both list. However, I recently just finished up a 13 episode anime that I found interesting.

Chronos Ruler. Chronos Ruler also known as Jikan no Shihalsha is a 13 episode anime produced by Project No.9. It was released Summer 2017. It is currently ranked number 8,293 on Anime Planet with a 2.62 out 5-star rating and ranked number 2,041 on MyAnimeList with a 6.32 out of 10 score.

Here is the synopsis for this series: We all wish we could go back in time, to turn back the clock and fix the past. But in this reality, that simple wish brings about something deadly—demons that devour time! It’s up to a group of strong warriors who fight using time manipulation to destroy these blights. Victor, Kiri, Mina, and Blaze have what it takes to maintain the balance of time as the chosen fighters—the Chronos Rulers.

The tags for this series are action, shounen, amnesia, demons, supernatural, and based on a manga.

Story. The premises of this anime is very interesting to me. I haven’t came across a story quiet like it. We have monsters that devour people’s time who are in distress and when they devour their time people age backwards and disappear. There are also different types of these monsters. They tend to grow a concise with the more time they devour. It can take thousands of years of time devoured for one to even start to speak. I found that tidbit refreshing and interesting to keep me watching the show. However there where some draw backs to it to where it kind of lacked for me. A plot in the show was that one of the main character time was “stolen” from a very specific time devouring monster in which he seeks to find to get his time back. He travels along side with his son, who looks like his older brother, defeating these monsters. One of the problem for me with the plot is that they run around saying that these monster stole time from them but when in actuality they freely (even though highly grieved with irrational thoughts) gave it to them. In some instances Victor, the main character who got his time devoured, says he is going to take his time back and sometimes he refers to it being stolen from him. In some flash backs and moments it was mentioned that he wanted his dead wife back so he gave up his time in order to see her again. So I found that a little confusing as to why they say they stole it rather than them just saying look I know we made a deal but I’m about to through hands with you and take back my time that I obviously gave up to you, and kill you for you won’t go off freely receiving other peoples time from them as well. I mean I get it though. The time eaters are taking advantage of distorted and mentally unstable people in order to get their time.

Another issue that was a bit of a take away for me of how quickly they jumped into a villains back story. Like one minute they throwing hands with barely any warning her comes the bad guy like “Listen to my story once upon a time there yada yada yada…” I seriously did not like that. I guess it was their way of trying to have us see why they did what they did? I mean for me at least yeah I would like to know a bit of their backstory but not just out the blue when they are just being introduced as a new character. Like, have them do some evil villainous stuff for a couple episodes then give us the backstory or start off with the back story and then have the guy show up. Not right in the middle of them fighting. That disturbed me. Although, some of it was for comic relief. So I’ll give them that. I also loved the bluntness of the protagonists after the guys finished their monologue of their backstory. It did make me laugh.

Other than that, other factors of the story were pretty okay. The explanation of the organizations were solid. But the whole scene with the head boss lady so called fixing the thing-a-ma-jig in Victors chest that keeps all of his time for flowing out was a bit far fetch for me. However, since its only 13 episodes there is definitely room for more. Some questions weren’t answered and goals weren’t met. So I’m guessing I’ll have to read the manga to find out the rest. Which I am perfectly fine with doing. I’ll give the story a 6/10.

Animation. I think that Chronos Ruler director put a good chunk of the budget money in the opening scene. I could tell there was some 3D aspects with 2D art at play and I’m not mad at it. It looked great. It kind of reminded me of some animation shots from Demon Slayer when special moves were done. However, after the opening scene the animation and art weans. It’s nothing stellar. The character designs were some what mediocre but I did like Mina’s character design. Here hair and clothing were interesting at the least also some of the monster designs where pretty great. Ikes, one of the main villian character design was freaking boss. Again, all the design work had to go into him. His human form was good but his monster form is amazing. I’ll give the art a 5/10.

Sound. Okay so I did watch this in dub. I have to say the dub was great. There are some voices that are recycled and it seem the person who plays Mina always play the same character type and her voice is always recognizable to me. The opening song and ending song are great and the sound effects were spot on. I give it a 9/10.

Characters. So there are two main characters. Kiri Putin and Victor Putin. Kiri is Victor’s son who is helping him to get his memories and time back from the time eating monster. They have a very comedic relationship. Kiri is more of the calculating, cautious, and cool headed type while Victor is the more free-spirited, gambling, lucky, mischievous, smart guy type. Both of them, in their verse, can be considered top tier smart pants. I think both of their characters work well together and it gives that duo contrast that most of us are so use to. The balance.

Aiks, the main villain of this show is the time eating monster that takes on human form, has an ego, and seeks to understand human emotions. He’s the type that doesn’t understand why things are the way they are so does screwed up human experiments to understand more. He’s also freaking over powered in his verse. His villainous doesn’t really set well with Kiri and Victor for me. It seem like there was a force narrative of Victor having to overcome childhood regrets with his parents to fuel Aiks understanding of human emotion and Victor motivation to overcome and issue that didn’t have show up until the last 3 episodes. This should probably go to the story section but I’m going to keep it here. Victor’s motivation to find Aiks was all because he wanted his time back. But it seem the writers wanted there to be an issue that Victor had to over come in order to have the high and lows of the fight with Aiks. It just seem throwed in there to me.

Our secondary characters are Blaze, the hotheaded fire user who reminds me a lot of My hero academia’s Bakugo. He is also a comedy relief character. He has this strong desire to want to be a villain because of his backstory but is a softy who cry for others with crushing heartbreaking backstory. But he is also a good guy. He’s also an airhead. Aisrehdar is a deity. She is the daughter of Chronos the time god. She doesn’t show up in the show but she does have a fight scene with Victor. A test fight. Mina Putin the wife of Victor and Kiri mother. There was some issues about whether or not she was really his wife when she first showed up but by the end of the series my question was answered. She is those loud types. That’s always yelling at you and she is very lovey- dovey with Victor but hates on Kiri. She is also a daughter of Chronos. Here and Aisredhdar are sisters.

I don’t have any characters in this series that I particularly hated or liked. But I do think that as a duo Kiri and Victor characters worked well together, Aiks as a villain for them was poorly written in my opinion. He probably could have been a better villain or written another narrative for their final encounter. However, I also think that since its a 13 episode anime that Aiks was just a stepping stone to the real villain aka His Majesty. Blaze as a secondary comedic relief character played his part well and Mina was annoying but not hated. She did have some reassuring qualities about her. Aisrehdar...well...she looked cool.

I give the characters a 7/10.

Overall. If you just need something to watch to pass the time. Or you just searching for a quick show to get into. Or you just like stuff dealing with the dynamics of time and deities you should check this show out. I should also point out this show as in my won’t watch list over on Anime-Planet. My overall score for it is a 6.75/10 and if you want to round it a 7/10.

The next anime for my Dub list is Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth-. Stay tune for that review. Until next time guys. Stay Blerdy and Nerdy.

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