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Anime Review: Choujikuu Seiki Orguss 02

Choujikuu Seiki Orguss 02

Note: This review contains spoilers.

So from my Anime Dub list, I’ve recently finished watching Orguss 02 seemingly for the second time. Orguss 02 is also known as Choujikuu Seiki Orguss 02, or Super Dimension Century Orguss 02. This anime is a 6 episode OVA that was produced by J.C. Staff animation studio. It was released between the year of 1993 and 1995. It currently has a 3 out of 5-star rating on anime-planet with a site ranking of 5.324 and a 6.73 out of 10 on My Anime List and a site ranking of 4.756.

Orguss 02 is mainly centered around a young man name Lean who is a new recruit in the military due to financial hardships and a young woman name Nataruma who is an escapee from another Kingdom. Years of political tension and mistrust between the two rival nations of Zafran and Revillia escalate to the point of war. Each nation’s solution: to gain possession of Decimators, the same ancient robots of war that nearly ended all life on the planet 200 years before. As the war ensues and the leaders of both nations become reluctant to surrender, only the desperate plan of Lean, a young cadet, and Nataruma, a psychically gifted young woman, to alter the timeline of events 200 years before stands the chance between humanities survival or absolute destruction.

Its tags are Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, and Military. It has content warning of nudity and violence.

Story. Orguss 02 story was pretty solid for me. When it first starts off you have a young mechanic, Lean, out in the ocean fishing for Decimators (Decimators are basically mechas) with a rig crew. One of the men on the crew is something of a mentor to Lean. We find out early in the episode that Lean has an incredible sense of wit about himself when it comes to machines and connecting the dots with situations and circumstances. During the first episode, we meet Manning, a Luietent in the Revillia military who pays a visit to Lean and the rig crew to fix up the newly discovered Decimator so he can use it as soon as possible. However, things get really out of hand when Zafrans Decimators shows up and attack just as they were finishing repairs. This leads to Lean’s mentor Zantae being killed during the skirmish. His mentor left behind a wife and teenage daughter who were in debt. So Lean joined the military to help pay off their loans in order to keep the repair shop open. This leads to Manning taking Lean as his subordinate and doing dirty deeds for one of the Retillia ministrants.

By this time in the show, if you haven’t read the synopsis you’ll think it’s just a regular military anime with a greedy military Leutient and corrupt ministers. However, it gets way deeper than that. In episode two we get to meet Nataruma who is running away from the Zefrans military for some reason. There are wanted posters of her everywhere. She first runs into Lean in Zefrans territory who was there with Manning on a spy mission. She immediately pulled a gun on Lean suspecting him of being a spy...in which she was right. But they soon found themselves trying to escape by hitching a ride with Manning who was fighting for his life at this point with a humongous Zefran Decimator. In which when the Zefran Decimator fired his laser cannon destroying everything it hit, Manning pulled a f-boy move on Lean and left him with the "no this mothaf-bleep- didn't" face". So that leads to Lean and Nataruma struggling to escape the Zefran Kingdom all while hiding her identity. When they reached the borders of Retialla and Zefran they were nearly caught causing an incident that revealed that Nataruma wasn’t all that she seems to be.

In the meantime, while all that was going on some really backstabbing, low down dirty, conspiracies type mess was going on with the royals. Basically, the Queen was sleeping with one of the guys who suppose to be the King's right-hand man, and they poised and killed the King. Basically, the guy just wanted power to be able to start a war with Zefran or advanced the war with Zefran. I guess he wanted to be like this great war hero. The King had “two sons”. A younger one and an older one who seemingly wasn’t fit to run the Kingdom. He was deemed mentally challenged. So the guy who the Queen was sleeping with declared her son who was like 7 or something the new King. The little turd was rotten too. Also, he wasn’t even the dead king's son! It was all types of wild. But it gets even better. By episode 5 we see that the older brother wasn’t even really mentally ill. He was a bit of a badass, to be honest. Bro killed the little turd by poising him, killed the little turd's real daddy, and let his mama go crazy holding the corpse of her dead son talking about getting him some tea with lots of milk.

But that’s not even it. This show has freaking time travel. The reason why there are Decimators there in the first place is due to some war that happens 200 years ago that mixed four different dimensions of worlds together. Naturama and the Decimators are not supposed to be in Lean’s timeline and world. Thus revealing a mysterious man who showed up around episode 4 when Lean and Nataruma were escaping Zefran. He was really a robot from another dimension who people kind of caused the whole situation. He needed Nataruma to help activate this time bomb that he’s been building for 80 years to get everything in order. This will cause anything that’s in Lean’s timeline to go back to their original world and timeline.

So these are the major points of the story which I really do like. It has layers. A story with layers is really appealing to me and it keeps me wondering how everything connects and plays out. I think the story connected each plot point really well and its ending was great too. So story-wise I give it a 7/10.

Animation. The animation was pretty okay. The character styles and look were very 90s anime with the thick eyelashes and hash cross lines in the face. That anime style will never get boring to me. It will always be pretty to look at. There was only one character whose hairstyle I really liked and that was the Mechanics teenage daughter. She had like this side length of hair with a low-cut bob. It was really pretty. The scenery was generic. Nothing to gawk about, the mechas were pretty lame in my opinion. The animation movement on the Decimators was stiff. However, there were a few that did have great designs and movements like the mecha Taii had and personal transformation inside the Lobo mech. I give the animation a 6/10.

Characters. The characters all played their roles great. Manning being like the crooked kind of villain kind of good guy. Lean the main character being the goody goody who just wants to save people. Nataruma just wants a freaking break. Toria is like the side chick in a way who wanted the love of her life to notice her and not get hurt but he chose the alien chick instead but she still tries and fights for him. Perion the King's real son...Perion had to be my freaking favorite of them all. Perion is the guy who you least aspect will flip the table on you and then lose his got damn mind. Miran the Queen is a whore. Taii the robot is just trying to get everything back to how it suppose to be. Kerachi the corrupt minister is a whore and degenerate. Needless to say, everyone worked and meshed well together in my opinion. I give characters an 8/10.

Overall. Overall the show was pretty okay. I think the first season of it is like 25 episodes but it was really crappy. If I’m not mistaken it had the same plot as Orguss 02. Orguss 02 is the better. Even though it's only 6 episodes with 30 mins per episode, I would recommend it as something to watch if you have time and waiting on your seasonal shows to drop a new episode. As forth as military tactics go for a military show it shows more of the corruption than tactician on a battlefield. In which I like a show with a little more emphasis on the corrupt side of things from time to time. My overall rating will be a 7/10.

Where can I watch it? Here

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