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Anime Review: B-Daman Cross Fire/ Fire Blast!!!

As some of you may know I am an artist and I have the flexibility of being able to watch anime while I work. This consists of me having two anime watch lists. My work anime list and my leisure anime list. My work anime list consists of nothing but dubs. I can't sub and work at the same time. But anywho, B-Daman was on that list and I don't know why. I don't normally watch this type of anime. I consider them kiddish in nature due to the fact that a bunch of kids is running around holding proxy battles with one another. However, some of the contexts of the storyline are a bit "mature" I suppose. Anyways, let's move on to some overview about this anime.


Both B-Dama Crossfire or Cross Fight B-Daman and Cross Fight B-Daman eS or B-Daman Fire Blast are 52 episode anime created by Synergy SP. Crossfire was released fall of 2011 - 2012 while Fireblast was released in 2012-2013. Crossfire is currently ranked number 6,922 on Anime-Planet with a 2.8 out of 5-star rating. While Fireblast is ranked number 7,945 with a star rating of 2.5 out of 5.

CrossFire Genres and tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Proxy Battles.

Fireblast Genres and tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Family Friendly, Based on Manga, Based on a Video Game.

Description of Crossfire:

When Kakeru's friend Natsumi introduced him to the fast-paced world of fighting toys known as B-Daman one day, he had no idea his life would change forever! After working a part-time shift at the local Miracle Shoot B-Daman shop, Kakeru gets his very first B-Daman named Dorasian. And soon thereafter, discovers a hidden tournament known as Cross Fight. Determined to become the very best B-Daman player, Kakeru will try to battle his way to the top, but fierce competitors and friends will challenge his every move.

Description of Fireblast:

In "Crest Land," a mysterious "B-Crystal" has started to go berserk. The main protagonist Kamon Godai lives in the south area of Crest Land and is an energetic boy who loves B-Daman. However, he lost his all past memories of B-Daman and his family, except for his big sister Aona who lives with him. One day, Kamon meets Garuburn, a B-Daman at his local B-Daman shop, "B-Junk," and he finds Garuburn strangely familiar. Garuburn becomes his partner, and he returns to the B-Daman battles once again.

Authors Thoughts

Story. This anime storyline is kid-friendly and could be enjoyed as a family together. Well if saving the world from an evil B-Daman who wants to end civilization is considered as such then yeah I'll dub it kid-friendly. Anywho, the story concept was straightforward with some really cheesy and predictable plotting. In both seasons of the anime Crossfire and Fireblast, it was the same situation just with a little sauce added to them. In the first season, it was the main character Kakeru (Riki for dub watchers) who was introduced to the game of B-Daman and quickly learn to adapt with great potential to be the best there is. He was partnered with one of the rare dragon-type B-damans. He soon found himself entering into secret matches that ultimately had him face off with more skilled B-Daman players. He quickly built a harem of friends while encountering issues and the mystery surrounding the talking B-Daman toys. If it was me and my toy started talking, I'll burn it. Throughout the story, there were people who were enemies and quickly turn friends after defeating them in matches. You know the old "You're not evil so let me beat you up and we can become friends" type of thing. It happens countless times throughout this show. But, I have to say I really did like some of the issues that the players were dealing with and have to overcome. For the second season of the show it was somewhat of the same thing but this time a B-Daman was mind-controlling an actual person and a bit of amnesia from the new main kid to shine, Kamon. Again, but with a twist, we have the main character who already knows what B-Daman is but he's banned from playing it by his older sister. But some "old dude" manipulated him into playing again in which, if you watch this show you'll see the gist of why "old dude" did so against his sister's wishes. So Kamon displayed some raw talent when supposedly playing B-Daman for the first time. Throughout the second season of the series, we see our friends from the first half show up and help Kamon to recover his memories, destroy something called Code-Fights where when you challenge a player to a match you have to do whatever they say, and if you lose a second time you stop playing B-Daman forever, and a mystery about the Island he lives on surrounding B-Daman. The battle to destroy the code-fights was interesting. It sheds a lot of light on the evil forces surrounding B-Daman. I like the fact that they incorporated the greed of humans to try and take the knowledge of a kid's game and change it into weapons of mass destruction to profit off of war. As well as how the children of major conglomerates suffer mentally from their parent's business being overrun and snatched from them. This whole second arc basically deals with the darkness in the heart of individuals that makes them easy targets to act on their desires that have the potential to hurt love ones. Another thing I liked about the show was that the main character didn't always win. He had more than a few losses that made him enjoy the game even more. Same for the second arc. Because of the love and pure enjoyment of the game they are made stronger. It's a pretty cool concept. Although one that is overly used in many proxy battle anime such as this.

Animation. The animation was fluid and good for the 2011-2012 look. Its vibrant colors will attract a young audience in which is what the show is aiming for. There wasn't anything noticeably wrong with it. It will be considered a generic of its time.

Voice Acting. I can't really say I dislike the voice acting. However for a few characters the Lion boy, Bee boy, and the Scorpion kid, yeah they annoyed me. I like that all of them sounded like kids though. You know sometimes we get those dub anime where the kids sound like they've been smoking 12 packs from the womb.

Characters. The main character of the first season annoyed the heck out of me. He was all like "Mystery Mystery." I'm just like, dude, shut up! We get it! It was funny because even the side characters started saying it. Also in the second season, they made mention of him always saying "Mystery". I get that anime creators want a catchphrase or something for their characters but saying it every single got darn chance he can get was overkill. There isn't really anything I can say much about most of the characters. They all played their roles perfectly to set up the potential win for the main characters. But it was interesting to see two main characters in the second season battle it out.

Overall. My overall thought of it that it was a pretty interesting anime but I wouldn't want to watch it again seeing that I'm more into mature content of anime. Also, I looked up the game to see if it was an actual game, and guess what it is! Check out the youtube video of a B-Daman competition. It looks pretty fun. I ask my kid if he wanted to play but he said no. Sadness. But anywho, I'll give the anime a 7/10.

B-Daman Competition

Where can I watch it? Here Here

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