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A Vow so Bold and Deadly Review

We finally made it to the final installment of the Curse breaker series by Brigid Kemmerer. After the cliff hanger we were left with after A Heart so Fierce and Broken I was able to easily jump into this final book

were it reached its climax.

Face your fears, fight the battle.

Emberfall is crumbling fast, torn between those who believe Rhen is the rightful prince and those who are eager to begin a new era under Grey, the true heir. Grey has agreed to wait two months before attacking Emberfall, and in that time, Rhen has turned away from everyone—even Harper, as she desperately tries to help him find a path to peace.

Fight the battle, save the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Lia Mara struggles to rule Syhl Shallow with a gentler hand than her mother. But after enjoying decades of peace once magic was driven out of their lands, some of her subjects are angry Lia Mara has an enchanted prince and a magical scraver by her side. As Grey's deadline draws nearer, Lia Mara questions if she can be the queen her country needs.

As the two kingdoms come closer to conflict, loyalties are tested, love is threatened, and a dangerous enemy returns, in this stunning conclusion to bestselling author Brigid Kemmerer’s Curse breaker series.

The best part of this book was reading as all the characters began to come to terms with what they were really facing. Not only did each character have to fight against their enemies or sometimes even allies, but they also had to face their own demons and fight their own minds.

The finale focused on all four of our main characters this time. We get to see the relationship with Grey and Lia Mara bloom, while the one between Harper and Rhen wilts. Its hard to make a relationship develop when your kingdom doesn’t trust you and the lies you set out to save the kingdom come home to roost.

Lia Mara is facing a kingdom that isn’t used to such a kind Queen and are very comfortable with the status quo. But trying to stand on who you are instead of sinking into becoming your mother; the very person you were trying to avoid becoming can be difficult. Even more so when you are trying to introduce a foreign prince that you were supposed to be conquering.

Grey is preparing to face his half-brother in a battle for the throne. The people support him, but Rhen is less willing, especially once he has sided with the enemy country to usurp him from his birthright. What was once a comfortable and loyal relationship between a prince and his guard, has now become a battle to the death between two brothers fighting for the throne. Cliché I know but they played it out very well.

Harper is trying to find the man she loved while dealing with the loss of faith from the people of Emberfall. Finally exposed as a princess who didn’t live up to her end of the bargain, she is now determined to save Rhen, even when she couldn’t save anything else. But how do you save a man that is not trying to open up. Realizing something is very wrong with Rhen, she sets out to save him from himself and try and mend the void between Grey and Rhen as well.

Finally, there is Rhen, who is battling not only his inner demons, but the witch that cursed him to begin with, who anyone would classify as a living demon. Blinded by the falseness of freedom, the witch has him ensnared again, but this time on a path he chooses. Desperate to retain his crown and kingdom, Rhen makes a dangerous decision. Basically, selling his soul to keep what rightfully should belong to him, he will do anything to hold on, no matter the cost.

I did love this book all the way up to the end. The characters were realistic in their emotional distress and drama. The romance was just the right touch for what you would have expected in the middle of a war, just enough but not too much. I also really liked that they didn’t try to make it overshadow any character but let each one shine outside of their love life. The ending however was slightly disappointing, anti-climatic at most, which happens a lot in series that starts off really great.

Overall though I would still recommend this series for anyone who loves magic, romance, and drama. Check it out and let me know your thoughts and then join us again in 2022 and jump into new books for a new year.


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