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A Silent voice: Redemption and Acceptance

TW/CW: Please be aware that this movie review a has mentions of suicide. If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression and/or having suicidal thoughts or tendencies please contact the suicide prevention hotline (800-273-8255). Keep fighting on and always remember things will get better.

A Silent Voice is an anime film that was released back in 2016. It was produced Kyoto Animations the same studio behind series like Clannad,Nichijo,Free, and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. To give a basic rundown of the plot the story follows our a young man named Shoya Ishida who became an outcast in his school after brutally bullying a girl named Shoko Nishimiya who transfers to his elementary school. The thing that cause Shoko to stand out is that she is deaf and uses sign language to talk and also carries a notebook to connect with those around her. Shoya is initially is cheered on and loved by his friend group for bullying Shoko until he takes it too far. The strange thing about Shoko is through all of the bullying,torment,and even isolation by her classmates she always has a smile on her face until that fateful day.Shoko ends up transferring schools which causes Shoya to become the new bullying target due to his cruel nature towards her. As a result he loses his friends,becomes an outcast to society, and becomes severely depressed. He can no longer look people in the eye and mentally blocks out people's faces which is showcased in the film by having giant blue X marks over the faces of the people in town. Shoya now in high school is shown preparing for what he called his Final day as he plans to commit suicide but ultimately fails and stops himself from attempting the act. He tracks down Shoko to reconnect and redeem his past. Along the way he makes new friends and reconnects with others from his past. The story is strange as it kind of presents itself as a love story which it does have those elements but its more so a story of redemption, acceptance and identity. (As i go into this next season please be aware i watched the japanese subtitled version of the film.) The voice work on this film had me stunned the emotions portrayed through the films dialogue captured me and even had me very emotional at certain points (I cried at the end i'm not gonna lie.). The most impressive part of the voice acting was the Actress behind Shoko's voice and even though shoko communicates mainly through sign language and written notes she does speak a few times through out the film and i personally felt that she sounded exactly the way a deaf person would sound when trying to speak. The animations and artwork were fantastic as well the vibrant colors and soft art style complimented the story telling very well. To give my final thoughts on the film as a whole I would say if you haven't watched this film yet i highly recommend you give it a chance. I've never had a film that connected with me so well as i deal with social anxiety and the way they went about portraying these mental issues made me feel a strong connection the characters in this film. It does have on character in particular i just didn't like at all but other than that minor issue its a great film that i would even recommend buying on bluray or dvd if you get the chance to.

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