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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas: A Review!!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas : A Review!!

So this series comes highly recommended among people who are fans of Fantasy, Romance and YA/NA, so I decided to give it a try. First warning sign that this book was not going to be for me should have been in the category description. I'm not a fan of YA and while many people will tell you that NA is not the same as YA, if this book is any demonstration of the genre then I don't really see a difference. I'll get into why I dislike YA/NA in a little bit. So after I decided to not let that stop me, I dived right in! I'll break this book into 3 parts and explain my feelings throughout the journey.

Part 1.

This is where we get introduced to our main character, Feyre and we get a feel for her personality. I've always liked strong female leads and she is definitely that. She provides for her family despite being the youngest child and she has a great work ethic!! It had a very Cinderella vibe since she was the main one that was smart about the money they earned and seemed to not have her head in the clouds. Her family was formerly wealthy but fell into hard times thanks to their fathers gambling addiction. The mother dies leaving the family in the care of our MC since the dad has been beaten til he can barely move around due to not paying back the money he owed.

This portion of any book is necessary so we can form attachments to the character but for me this got a little wordy. When I tell you she explained everything?! She explained Every. Thing. The table carvings, the clothes, the bed. It was getting to the point that I kind of breezed past paragraphs if they didn't seem to have any useful information. I wasn't super invested in our MC but I felt for her. All that responsibility is a lot on a child of any age, especially when the older siblings don't seem to care. This portion wasn't too bad so I continued reading.

Part 2.

So for this part I’m going to have to give some more info before I explain my feels. So pretty much this story takes place in a world where the top half is ruled by the Fae and the bottom portion is inhabited mostly by humans. There is definitely bad blood between the two since the Fae see themselves as superior to the humans. There are two classes of Fae, there is the normal everyday Fae (to simplify) and there then there is the high Fae. Now back to the review, our MC has made the error of killing a lower Fae and so one the of the High Fae, Tamlin, has come to claim her or kill her per the treaty that stands between the two people. She of course has no idea about this and so is whisked off into the land of the Fae. She of course at the time thinks of them as savages and is scared that they plan to kill her or torture her. Well none of that happens of course and as these stories go she slowly starts to see that there almost isn’t any difference between the Fae and regular humans when it comes to everyday life. Enter the enemies to lovers trope and bam we have her falling for him and him falling for her. His friends start liking her and everything appears to be the perfect romance, until it isn’t. We get some nice FTB scenes here with her and Tamlin , which annoyed me to no end. I feel like books that do this shouldn’t be titled as romance because yes, there is some romance but the tease that they give is rather annoying. The build up to what happens with Tamlin and Feyre is very intense and great, so the fact that we get a FTB scene as the culmination of this build up made me rage a little. After our two main people have confirmed their love for one another the bottom drops out of everything for them as well as everyone around Feyre. What we didn’t know is that there was a spell placed upon Tamlin that involved a human having to profess their love for him and him the same, despite everything that would prevent a love between people who have hated each other for centuries. Feyre being your typical romance character didn’t want to profess her love first and this ends up with Tamlin forcing her to leave for her safety and then him and everyone else in his Court being captured and enslaved to the most evil of evil women, Amarantha.

Part 3

This entire section I think could have been used in another book. It felt like too much for this book and also I was shocked at what the MC was willing to go through for her love that she kinda just realized was a thing. Not to mention that Tamlin isn’t really in this third portion of the book. He’s the catalyst for what happens but that’s about it. This portion mainly focuses on the relationship between Feyre and Tamlins’ bff and a bad guy who apparently might not actually be that bad...So during this portion of the story, Feyre returns to the land of the Fae after being returned home to save her love. She finds out from one of the servants who lived with Tamlin the truth of their plight and how she had a hand in everyone getting captured and pretty much doom and gloom coming to the world she’d come to love. She then goes and challenges the big bad who has started all of this, Amarantha. Amarantha, of course, also has a sad story for why she has become the Queen of all things evil and torturous but we don’t care since she has a hard on for our main guy who Feyre has come to save. To humor herself and to torture her new pet some more Amarantha challenges Feyre to some trials to see if she can win them and get her man and everyone else back. Well these trials are long and hard but of course our BA girl can handle this right? WRONG. She ends up needing help from one of the people who we believe is a bad guy who everyone believes is just a bed wench for the Queen of all evil, Rhysand. In the end she beats Amarantha with some help from her friends and gets her man back. Of course then there is the awkward thank you with Rhysand who randomly disappears like he’s seen a ghost. All is well that ends well and our two love birds ride off into the sunset.

Well this whole section felt drawn out. There was too much details, if that’s possible. I mean if she had dropped some things from this book then it would have flowed so much better. Instead I had to force myself to continue and read about how dank her cell was, how terrible it was to scrub the floors and how she hated sitting on Rhysand’s lap. While some of this was needed it was a little overkill after a while and I was wondering when things were going to end. The were a snooze fest. Overall you kinda felt bad for just about everyone by the end. Feyre- for being human in a fantastical world, Rhysand- for being trapped by the Queen and then hated by his fellow Fae, Tamlin- for doing his best to save his people while at the same time sacrificing everything for them to live and Amarantha- forlosing her sister and turning into a hateful, spiteful person. I felt like the rewards in this book weren’t as impactful as the sadness that was in it. I’ve been told it gets better but also that there is a MAJOR plot twist in the second book. I just...don’t feel inclined at the moment to start it.

Overall I’d give this book a 2 out of 5. The parts of it that had action and wasn’t dragged out was really good! I enjoyed learning about this fantastical world. I liked the BA main character and even some of the side characters. I think if it wasn’t bogged down with probably 1k extra words and didn’t have FTB scenes then this book would have a way higher rating from me. I think it’s a read at your own risk type book. I probably wouldn’t recommend it. With that being said, I do want to read the second book just to see how the author handles this plot twist that I know is going to happen.

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